Orphan Care

Our Ministry

We are excited to partner with Alabama Baptist Children’s Home as we introduce our Orphan Care Ministry. We believe that the Bible is the true and living Word of God and that it teaches us about God's love for orphans. We believe that all Christians are called to love and care for orphans. While that may not mean adopting a child or fostering one for your family, there are multiple ways in which we aim to love orphans and widows within our church body.


Wednesdays @ 6pm-9pm

Orphan Care classes will kick off on August 16th in Room 301. We will be conducting training for those interested in becoming a foster parent, or providing respite care. 

Interested in becoming a
foster parent?

Currently we are having our first sponsored training at SMCC beginning on Wednesday, August 16th and going for 10 consecutive Wednesday evenings in order to provide the licensing that is required for families to become foster parents. If you are interested in joining or looking to serve at some capacity, we would love for you to contact us!

Our goal as a church is to have Growth Groups that would WRAP around adoptive and foster care families.

Wrestling in prayer

Families pursuing this love and care of orphans need members of the body to pray fervently for them. (James 5:16)



Providing care for orphans/foster kids so that our families can have a moment to renew themselves and their marriages.

Acts of Service

Every member has gifts and abilities to love families well, whether it is to mow a lawn or bring a meal. These acts of service are a huge blessing for families.

Promises of God

Orphan care is hard. Families who are faithfully loving children who've undergone trauma need reminders from the Word of God to exhort them to continued faithfulness.

Interested in Volunteering?

Periodically, there will be ways at which you can serve this ministry from babysitting, providing meals for foster families or purchasing Christmas presents for children in the ABCH homes.