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Women’s Bible Studies

I Thessalonians

Taught by Kris Goertzen on Wed eve & Thurs morning
Taught by Cindy Lee & Janet Revel on Thurs eve

Over the years we’ve done all kinds of exciting Bible studies together! We’ve done topical studies on priorities and humility. We’ve learned much from church history and the Reformation martyrs. We did a character study using the prayer warriors of the Bible. And now I can’t wait to introduce you to our fall 2019 women’s Bible study!
Each of us will get our very own commentary on 1 Thessalonians so we can dig deep into this wonderful letter from a loving Pastor to his dear faithful church that was experiencing persecution. We’ll be transported back in time as well as catapulted forward to the rapture of the church and the tribulation. Paul anchors their hope to the second coming of Christ as well as gives them everyday encouragement for everyday growth holiness. Ladies, this study is going to be so much fun!
We have so many great options to get you in the Word with us!! Choose either Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings or Thursday evenings and you’ll get to sit at a table with a Titus Two woman ready to love you and lead you in rich discussion and prayer after the teaching time.
Bring your Bible and meet us downstairs in the chapel. FYI, we will begin right on time so please make every effort to be in your seat.
Water, tea and decaf will be served on Wednesday nights and a full brunch on Thursday mornings.
Books will be on sale in the new book store soon for only $10. Please note, the commentary I want to put in your hands is out of print so you’ll be getting a photo-copy of the book put into a binder, which will be even better for note-taking!
As always, friends of any age are welcome to join us!
Questions about any of our studies?
Call Kris at 620-727-0930 or contact her at  krisgoertzen@nullgmail.com

Questions about the Thursday evening study, contact Cindy Lee at 205-381-0572.