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Summer Book Clubs

The Pursuit of Holiness
by Jerry Bridges

Holiness: The nearly forgotten word of Christianity. If it was happiness, joy, love, grace, or mercy the modern church would be very familiar with it, but holiness is a word foreign to many professing Christians. Jerry Bridges has done an outstanding job in awakening Christians to the fact that God has a responsiblity in sanctifying us, and we as the children of God have a major role in our own pursuit of holiness. Jerry Bridges shows you as plain as day from the Word of God that Christ saves people from not only the penalty of sin (hell) but also from the power of sin. So many Christians sit in the church pew thinking how wonderful it will be to go to Heaven, yet their daily life is full of bondage to things that Christ has given them the power to overcome. The Christian life is not just victory over hell through Christ, but also over the sinful habits, addictions, and attitudes that we were enslaved to us sinners. Let Jerry Bridges turn your attention to what God’s Word already states plainly. We have God’s mercy to forgive us of sin, but we also have God’s grace to empower us to live like Jesus did. (A review of the book)

DISCOVER YOUR HOLY CALLING. The Bible exhorts us to pursue a life of holiness. But what does that look like in everyday life? We struggle with our sinful nature within and with a morally polluted world around us. How do we live holy lives? In this companion study guide to The Pursuit of Holiness, you can discover the Bible’s guidelines for holy living.


Please stop by and get your book from the book store for $13 and sign-up for the book club that best suits your schedule! Note there is one book club that will meet via Zoom and two that will include free child-care on Thursday mornings.

If you will need additional child-care or have a question,
please reach out to kris@nullsmcc.church

We can’t wait to draw closer to each other as we draw closer to Christ!