We exist to glorify God by loving our community through proclaiming the Word of God.

Discipleship is life changing…

but only when we know how to be discipled. We know God has called us to discipleship, both to be discipled and to disciple others, but do you wonder why so little of it’s happening in our churches?

Maybe we don’t know how to find a discipler.

Or how to overcome our fears of truly opening up.

Or how to cultivate a teachable heart.

Or how to say hard things to someone we love.

Or how to let someone say hard things to us.

This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to meet the longing you’ve had, to be discipled and maybe even disciple others!

You’ll get the do’s & don’ts, the how-to’s, the biblical patterns and the confidence to build a Titus Two culture in your life and within the sisterhood of your church!  

Our Women’s Conference took place on August 17, 2019 – if you were unable to attend, please click below to watch each session!




Meet our speaker…

Kris Goertzen has not only been discipled by some of the most beautiful and Biblically sound women of our day, she’s dedicated to surrounding herself with women who long to see Biblical virtues come alive in themselves and the women in their churches.

She’s a delightful, energetic teacher of God’s Word to women both in this country and elsewhere. Nothing brings her more joy than cultivating Titus Two friendships with women of all ages and cultures.

Kris is married to our lead pastor here at Shades Mountain Community Church and gladly serves women and children as the women’s ministry and nursery director.

To her great delight, her 3 children are walking with the Lord alongside their spouses.

Join us…

We encourage women from all churches to join us for this valuable opportunity to bring Biblical discipleship back to their own church!


Questions about this conference or bringing this conference to your church? Email krisgoertzen@nullgmail.com