We exist to glorify God by loving our community through proclaiming the Word of God.

February 21, 2016



  • Ministry must be viewed as growing people
  • If ministry revolves around a person, then growth is about the institution or the ministry or movement.
  • Ministers and/or persons cannot have exalted emphasis over the rest of Scripture.


   I.  High View of God

  • Take God Seriously
  • Take love of Christ to all
  • Focus of church worship and Iife is His Glory

 II.  Absolute Authority of Scripture

  • If we say we believe the Bible, but then do not do what it says, we trivialize the Bible.

III.  Sound Doctrine

IV.  Personal Holiness

  • We dare not lower our standards.
  • We dare not become more like the world.
    → Biblical standards – not legalistic.
  • We dare not allow our hearts to override the clear teaching of the Bible.
  • We lovingly help each other through encouragement and resolving to raise to the standard.

We cannot live as half-committed Christians and expect God’s work to be done.