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Giving Statement Instructions

From Pastor Gary:

This year we will not be sending out year-end giving statements by mail. If you would like to receive one by mail, please contact me at gary@nullsmcc.church or by phone at 205.903.3201 and I will make sure you receive one.

But many of you may not know that we have an online membership database (ShelbyNext) that will provide you with contact information for members and regular attenders, basically a virtual church directory. We will use the same database for you to receive your statement directly to your desktop!

By simply following the steps below, you’ll get your year-end giving summary but also have access to our online directory for the future.
For those that already have access to our database, the directions to get your statement are shown below as well.

God has shown Himself faithful to the ministry at SMCC this year and we bless and praise Him for that! We look forward to 2023 and worshipping the Lord together!

Gary Kennedy
Administrative Pastor

For those who are already participants in our ShelbyNext membership database, you should log in to ShelbyNext on your computer (don’t use the phone app) at https://smi.shelbynextchms.com and complete the following steps:

  • Choose the “Giving” tab.
  • Click on “Statement”.
  • Under the date filter, choose “Last Calendar Year” and under the tax-deductible filter, choose “All”.
  • Choose “download PDF”.

If you have NOT already signed up to participate in our ShelbyNext membership database, please sign up by following these steps:

  • Go to the church website (smcc.church). Don’t use the phone app.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on ShelbyNext (under “Other Links”).
  • Click on the green “log in” bar.
  • Enter your email address in the designated spot and then click on “forgot password.”
  • Enter your email once again and choose “send password.”
  • Check your email inbox; you should have an email from ShelbyNext with a new username and password.
  • Return to the ShelbyNext page and choose the green “log in” bar and use your new login information. Once you are logged in, you can reset your password.
  • After these initial steps are complete, you can follow the 4 steps listed above to access your giving statement. If you are unable to set up your login successfully, please contact Gina Cody at 205.978.6002 or gina@nullsmcc.church.