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Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes meet each Sunday at 9:15am.

A new semester of Equipping Classes began on July 1, 2018 – below are details on these new classes:

Various Room 311
(Upper Room)
Navigating the Death of a Loved One (The Role of Death and Grief) – Death comes upon us all. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly. As ones who have placed our trust in Jesus Christ’s work on the cross, death is viewed quite differently than those who have no hope. However, death is the loss of our loving earthly relationships with family and friends. We hope to equip you to navigate many aspects of death from a Biblical perspective. This will include some of the relational side of preparing for and dealing with the death of family, as well as the healthcare side of decisions that doctors may ask. Then we will introduce you to the business side of wills, finances and what to expect at a funeral home, even burial and cremation. Hard topics presented – great hope.
Paul Whitmore Room 358 Mission Commission – John Piper has said that, “missions exists because worship doesn’t.” With that as a beginning point, did you know that missions begins once you get past the end of your nose! The purpose of this 12-week equipping class will be to help you: 1) understand, embrace, support and engage in God’s “Mission Commission”; 2) grow beyond missions being just an optional activity or annual missions conference to where it becomes an integral part of my walk with Christ. To do this, we will look at: 1) The God of Missions; 2) The Strategy of Missions; 3) The Example of Missions; 4) The Application of Missions (to me); 5) What’s my game plan… or how do I get from where I am to where I need to be? This class will be taught by Paul Whitmore, one of SMCC’s Elders, who has also served in a leadership role with World Reach for 24 years.
Shane Hudman Room 312 David, a Man after God’s Heart – Who would have thought an unknown shepherd boy in the pastures of Bethlehem would rise to become King of Israel? But that’s how God works. He’s not impressed with our credentials. He looks at the heart. And David was a man after God’s heart. He wasn’t a perfect man; he had many faults. But his passion to know God changed the course of his life. And it will do the same for us. God invites us to know Him. Those that accept his invitation will be forever changed. Join us for a short study of the life and character of King David and learn how you too can become a man or woman after God’s heart.
Steve Meeks Room 356 The Throne of Heaven and the First Six Seals – Revelation 4-6 – After our Lord’s description of the seven churches in Revelation 1-3, John is taken to the very Throne of Heaven. Transported into the spiritual realm, John is outside of the creation and in the presence of God. Here, surrounded by angels and the 24 elders, John is shown “what must take place after these things”, after the church age. John’s glimpse into the future begins with the opening of the scroll by the only One who is worthy to do so, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, the Lamb of God. As the seals are broken, the judgments of God come to bear on this fallen creation. This is the revelation of the things that come, and they all point to our Glorious, Holy and Reigning King.

In addition to the Equipping Classes listed above, the following classes will meet at 9:15 on Sunday mornings:

Class Place Description
Lighthouse Community Chapel This group is composed primarily of mid- and senior adults, married and single. Typical teaching consists of a study of a specific book of the Bible, with occasional topical studies.  The class is taught by Eric Dennison & Paul Whitmore.



Room 359 This is a small group, taught by Bob Palmer, whose members range in age from 40’s – 60’s. Biblical teaching focuses on practical life application.