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Dr. Doug Bookman

We were so glad to have Dr. Bookman back with us on  Sunday, July 31, 2022!   His sermons from that morning & all of his past sermons at SMCC can be accessed below.

Notes from Dr. Bookman’s July 2022 and March 2021 sessions at SMCC are also available below.  

Dr. Bookman is Professor of Old/New Testament and Bible Exposition at the Shepherds Theological Seminary. Throughout the years he has taught at various colleges and seminaries. Much of his ministry in the last decade has focused on the life of Christ and speaking at Bible conferences across the United States and abroad. Dr. Bookman enjoys leading study trips throughout the biblical world, including an annual trip specifically designed for Shepherds students. This love for the biblical lands has made him an important contributor to Shepherds’ Department of Archaeology, where he functions as a field geographer of sorts, connecting the biblical text to the routes and regions of the land, and explaining how the land and text work together to tell the full narrative of Scripture.

July 2022 – Why the Old Testament?

July 2022 – What on Earth is God Doing in the Old Testament?

March 2021 – Saturday Night Notes

March 2021 – Sunday Morning Notes

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