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Dr. Doug Bookman

The Passion Week of Jesus is at once the most awful and the most blessed week in all of human history. The week began with unspeakable excitement and hope: on Sunday, Jesus presented Himself to the nation of Israel in the most deliberate and dramatic way possible, and the reception He was given on that day seemed to indicate that His people were ready to accept His offer of Himself. But then, over the course of the next two days, Jesus cleansed and possessed the Temple, publicly confronted and defeated His enemies, and finally demanded that the people make a conscious decision to reject self-serving and arrogant works religion and trust themselves to Him alone. He then left the city and people to ponder that choice.

But the week which began with such hope ended in the greatest tragedy the human soul/spirit can fathom. By Thursday night, Jesus had kept a last Passover with His disciples, had spent a few precious and difficult moments in prayer before His Father, and had been arrested in the Kidron Valley east of the city of Jerusalem. After a hasty series of trials and hearings, culminating in five distinct affirmations by the presiding Roman officer that the Accused was guilty of nothing, Jesus was turned over to be crucified; by mid-morning the Prince of Life had been nailed to a cross on a small hill outside a northern gate to the city. The darkness could not have been deeper. As the Son of Man surrendered His spirit and was laid in a tomb, all the hope that had so animated His followers was dashed to pieces. The seed of the serpent had bruised the heel of the woman’s Seed.

It was early on the first day of the following week that the hope that Jesus had excited in the souls of so many was revived and vindicated. The tomb was found empty, and angelic attendants announced that Jesus had risen from the dead! On that day and for almost six weeks more, Jesus showed Himself alive by many infallible proofs. The awful death of the Son of Man had been shown to be the full and final payment for sin, and by means of the resurrection Jesus had demonstrated beyond all challenge that He was everything He claimed to be, and that He had accomplished all that He had come to do. The Seed of the woman had once and for all crushed the head of the serpent’s seed.

SMCC was excited to welcome Dr. Bookman back to our campus on Sunday, September 26.  His teachings from that day can be accessed below.

Notes from Dr. Bookman’s March 2021 sessions at SMCC are available below.  The Saturday session is entitled “The Life of Christ 101”, and Sunday session is called “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry – Sunday – A Day of Messianic Presentation”.  

Dr. Bookman is Professor of Old/New Testament and Bible Exposition at the Shepherds Theological Seminary. Throughout the years he has taught at various colleges and seminaries. Much of his ministry in the last decade has focused on the life of Christ and speaking at Bible conferences across the United States and abroad. Dr. Bookman enjoys leading study trips throughout the biblical world, including an annual trip specifically designed for Shepherds students. This love for the biblical lands has made him an important contributor to Shepherds’ Department of Archaeology, where he functions as a field geographer of sorts, connecting the biblical text to the routes and regions of the land, and explaining how the land and text work together to tell the full narrative of Scripture.


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