We exist to glorify God by loving our community through proclaiming the Word of God.

Biblical Counseling

“We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.”  Colossians 1:28

Are you struggling with a problem or challenge that seems too big to overcome?

Would you like to discover what the Bible may have to say about your problem and about God’s way to help you overcome it?

Would you like to talk confidentially with a fellow believer to better understand how to apply biblical principles to your situation?

The SMCC Biblical Counseling Ministry emphasizes Holy Spirit led and directed biblical hope and solutions for all of life’s problems including strained and failing marriages, broken relationships, conflict resolution and mediation, grief support, divorce recovery, addictions, financial management, fear and anxiety, emotional disturbances, depression, crisis intervention, and other challenges this world provides.

SMCC offers Biblical counseling to troubled individuals, families and marriages. Biblical counseling focuses on seeking God’s answers to the questions and problems in life. We believe that God’s practical counsel through the Bible is what is desperately needed for the church in today’s complex society. The SMCC biblical counseling approach is based upon the truth of the Bible. God has provided His Word for the answers we seek, and He has given us His Spirit to lead and direct us in overcoming sin and suffering and living free from this bondage in righteousness.

Biblical counseling at SMCC is Scripture-based and applied and is not secular psychiatry or psychology. Scripture is sufficient to equip men for every good work, and along with prayer, compassion, discernment and encouragement, is the foundation for biblical counseling. Counselors assist others in seeking the Truth for their life challenges from a biblical worldview (the Bible’s definition of the condition of humanity, the biblical answer to humanity’s condition, and the sanctifying work of the Word and the Spirit), in order to help them understand the origin of their problems and the path to resolution in the hope and promises of the gospel, all to the glory of God.

SMCC has a team of trained biblical counselors that can help you. SMCC’s biblical counselors include seminary trained and certified biblical counselors and trained volunteer lay (peer) counselors who apply the truths of the Bible, its doctrines and principles, that emphasize one’s relationship with God, first and foremost. Biblical counselors are volunteers and not professional, licensed counselors.

SMCC biblical counselors are available to meet with you once or for an extended period to help you seek God’s answers to your questions and problems, using the Bible as their primary source. If you would like to take advantage of this free and confidential ministry follow the instructions included below.

How do I make a counseling appointment?

How do I become a biblical counselor?

SMCC Lay Counselors attend a twenty-eight week (2 hours per week) training session which equips them to help counselees with reconciliation of relationships with God and others.  The training class began in September 2022.  Please click here for more information.

The training process includes required reading, audio/video tape instruction, class participation, lectures, role playing, co-counseling, and supervised counseling, all geared toward biblical counseling certification with the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) and the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). For information about the Biblical Counseling Ministry and Training contact the Pastor of Biblical Counseling at counseling@nullsmcc.church.


Biblical Counseling Coalition website
IABC website
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Pastor of Biblical Counseling

Kevin Lee is the Pastor of Biblical Counseling at SMCC. He is a graduate of Birmingham Theological Seminary (MA in Biblical Counseling) and is a certified Biblical Counselor with ACBC and IABC.