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Cahaba River Canoe Trip
Saturday, March 30

Please join SMCC for a Family Canoe trip on the Cahaba River!

The price to rent a canoe is $35; each canoe will hold about 400 pounds.  If you plan to travel in one of the SMCC vans, the price is $7 per person.

Here are details regarding the trip:

• Meet at the Pierce Home (529 Park Avenue, Hoover) at 7:50am (or meet us at the put-in at 9:00am).  The put-in is at the Cahaba Wildlife National Refuge in Piper, AL (County Road 24, Cahaba River Drive).
• Eat a good breakfast, pack lunch, and prepare one liter of water per person, before you come.
• Considering packing lunch in Ziploc bags or in small hard-sided Tupperware containers.
• Dress in clothes that would be acceptable to swim in, if accidentally or purposely chosen to do so.
• Please wear sturdy river sandals or shoes you can swim in. Please do not wear flip flops.
• Consider sunscreen and a shading hat.
• Put on life jackets. Pack your snacks, water, and camera in waterproof containers; you must tie everything to the canoe. Anything not tied in may become river trash.
• Put boats on the river at put-in. Paddle down stream.
• Stop at a beautiful location and eat lunch.
• Continue paddling to take out and SMCC vans.
• You might consider bringing a change of clothes and a towel for when we get off the river.
• There are no rest rooms or private places to change at the river put-in or take out.
• Load up, run shuttle.
• Ride back to SMCC. Arrive back to SMCC by 4:00.

This year we only have access to tandem canoes. The canoes we have reserved can hold 400 lbs. each. Canoes have seats for two and can hold additional people sitting on the floor of the canoe or on items we bring to sit on. The closer to the max weight a boat gets the harder it is to manage on the river.

Please note that registration for this event has closed, as we have maxed out on the number of available canoes.  Personal boats are welcomed and encouraged. If you need assistance with transportation of personal boats, please contact Bill Pierce to arrange transportation.